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    You are not alone!

    Weatherdock covers you up!

    With easyRESCUE you always have your buddy on board.

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    Be saved immediately!

    The best AIS MOB ever!

    easyONE is suitable for all automatic lifejackets.

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    Enjoy diving safely!

    Weatherdock covers you up!

    Don’t search – be certain.

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About WEATHERDOCK A leading manufacturer of marine search & rescue equipment.

Company Informations

Weatherdock AG is the leading manufacturer of marine electronic products, receivers and safety solutions for shipping. Weatherdock AG is based in Nuremberg. Weatherdock AG is "the" manufacturer of marine electronic safety and navigation devices. The products are mainly used in professional shipping, but more and more in recreational boating. The company was founded in 2003. Development and entire production of all products takes place in Germany. The management of the company Weatherdock is made by the three members of the Board, Alfred Kotouczek-Zeise, Jürgen Zimmermann and Wolfgang Werner.

The use of Weatherdock products increases safety at sea. Especially in the cold waters in and around Canada.

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The Products are made of highest quality raw products made in Germany. The electronic components are individually approved and certified following standards:

Each product is tested and approved by the weatherdock Quality department.

All products are approved and certified following international standards (CE, SOLAS, VDE, FCC etc.)

The Products are also certified by Industry Canada.

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Test Protocol and Report KUWAIT 2019

Statement AIS S.A.R.T. versus EPERB frenquencies

Assuming there are 2 main scenarios for an emergency situation of a small fisher boat:

Scenario A)
The crew is abandoning the vessel due to any critical situation. The crew might have to transcend into a life raft. There the crew members are safe and can withstand the harsh ambient for hours. If then a 406MHz Alert is activated the Canadian Coast Guard has got time to organise a rescue action to bring the staff same to shore again.

The 406MHz signal is transmitted to the Cospas Sarsat Sat-System. From there the data go to a Mission Control Center (MCC) and from there to the reginal responsible SPOC (SAR point of contact) As a result, the SAR point of contact does know where the “life raft” is sailing. Nobody else unless the SPOC has got means to inform other vessels. The latency could be quite long until a full telegram is passed through due to satellite constellation. The latency of the Cospas Sarsat system is also not to underestimate. It takes minimum 30min (or even longer) until the Emergency telegram is at the SPOC! (Time schedule Germany, but in other countries it is more or less the same!)

Scenario B)
One crew member falls over board. If the Man over board wears a 406MHz based PLB, sorry to say that, it won´t help this poor victim. The only support this man over board can get is from the own vessel. But with 406MHz, the own vessel has no way to locate the floating person in the sea. The signals will be passed to satellites, MCC, SPOC and so on. But the searching crew will have got no position idea of the victim.

In the cold sea around Canada (4-10°C water temperature) after about 10 to 15min the loss of dexterity starts and after about 60min the victim is unconscious. There is normally not enough time for an official rescue chain by 406MHz alert for a man over board, unless the own vessel rescues itself.
With an AIS-MOB or even an AIS-SART (SOLAS Approved) the problem of the Scenario B can be solved. The MOB transmitter catches after about 90 seconds a GPS fix and transmits this position 8 times/minute by AIS to all vessels in vicinity permanently. The normal range of such a AIS based transmitter, depending on the model is between 5nm and 10nm. The own vessel will see the victim immediately and then could rescue the person themselves.
A boat captain/ Owner who seriously want the best reliable system to rescue a crew member fallen over board should choose an AIS SART MOB device.


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