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    You are not alone!

    Weatherdock covers you up!

    With easyRESCUE you always have your buddy on board.

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    Be saved immediately!

    The best AIS MOB ever!

    easyONE is suitable for all automatic lifejackets.

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    Enjoy diving safely!

    Weatherdock covers you up!

    Don’t search – be certain.

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About WEATHERDOCK A leading manufacturer of marine search & rescue equipment.

Company Informations

Weatherdock AG is the leading manufacturer of marine electronic products, receivers and safety solutions for shipping. Weatherdock AG is based in Nuremberg. Weatherdock AG is "the" manufacturer of marine electronic safety and navigation devices. The products are mainly used in professional shipping, but more and more in recreational boating. The company was founded in 2003. Development and entire production of all products takes place in Germany. The management of the company Weatherdock is made by the three members of the Board, Alfred Kotouczek-Zeise, Jürgen Zimmermann and Wolfgang Werner.

The use of Weatherdock products increases safety at sea. Especially in the cold waters in and around Canada.


The Products are made of highest quality raw products made in Germany. The electronic components are individually approved and certified following standards:

Each product is tested and approved by the weatherdock Quality department.

All products are approved and certified following international standards (CE, SOLAS, VDE, FCC etc.)

The Products are also certified by Industry Canada.

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References and Approvals
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Technical Approval Certificate for Canada
Canadian Certification


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