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    AIS Aid to Navigation transceiver type 3


The easyAtoN Type3 is an AIS transceiver used as an aid to navigation to enable nearby vessels to identify buoys, beacons or floating objects in real time on the AIS chart display. The easyAtoN features a rugged, waterproof, and dust-resistant IP67-rated housing. The device can be easily mounted on fixed or floating objects, such as buoys to prevent collisions by transmitting the marker's identification and position. The device can create "synthetic", "virtual" as well as "real" electronic navigation marks that are displayed on an AIS-enabled electronic chartplotter or a PC with navigation software. The easyAtoN is designed for typical use at harbor or port entrances, maritime warning signs, or any type of fixed or floating navigation marker buoy.


The easyAtoN is a small VHF-based AIS transceiver that can be mounted on a buoy or pole. With the built-in AIS receiver, the easyAtoN can synchronize with the AIS time slot scheme and transmit navigation information within the free time slots so that no message is overwritten. Synchronization with AIS traffic can be accomplished using FATDMA or RATDMA. The easyAtoN uses the AIS system to transmit up to 31 real, synthetic and/or virtual navigation marker positions to all nearby AIS receivers.

AtoN types

- Real AIS AtoN - A physical navigation aid on which an AIS transmitter is mounted and from which AIS messages are transmitted.
- Synthetic AIS AtoN - A physical aid to navigation without an AIS transmitter, but for which AIS messages are transmitted from another (usually land-based) location.
- Virtual AIS AtoN - A non-physical aid to navigation for which AIS messages are transmitted from another location.


  • Capability to generate virtual and synthetic AtoN navigation markers
  • Integrated GPS source
  • AIS FATDMA or RATDMA (software selectable)
  • Tamper proof
  • Waterproof and dustproof (IP67)
  • Energy efficient
  • EAN 4260276740475




Brochure easyAtoN