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    AIS Transceiver | Class B (SOTDMA)


Product information

With the AIS Class B Transceiver SOTDMA – You will be seen!
5 Watt radiated transmission power, faster transmission rates and SOTDMA technologies – those are the benefits of the new easyTRX3 AIS Transceiver. The newest AIS Class B generation from Weatherdock.

The TRX 3 has a rigid and waterproof housing (IP 67 Standard) The easyTRX3 has different plug in connectivities for NMEA2000, 3*NMEA0183 and USB. This Class B transceiver can easily be configured from anywhere due to power supply is given via USB (connectes to a computer). Same fort he internal storeage, no external power recommended. To read data.

The easyTRX3 is based on SOTDMA technologies. The Transceiver TRX3 scans for time slots and will block available slots for its own transmission. Other AIS Class B units are then informed that this time slot will be used for next transmission. Thanks to the strong radiated transmission power of 5 Watt and the speed transmission rate, the easyTRX3 will make your navigational work safer and faster. Esspecially for faster boats it will make your navigation much easier and safer.   The TRX3 is modular designed. This allows the easyTRX3 to meet future requirements like to be connected/ communicate for example with DVB-T2 and DAB + or 3G mobile phone.


  • AIS Class B SOTDMA
  • 5 Watt radiated power
  • High transmission rates (fast boats)
  • VHF splitter already integrated
  • GPS antenna & receiver intregrated
  • NMEA2000, NMEA0183 & USB Port connectivity
  • Ancor- & CPA-Alarm
  • Storage internal; USB read-out with power supply is possible
  • USB Configuration with power supply possible
  • Waterproof and robus housing (IP 67 approved)
  • Conformity to new international standard IEC62287-2


As an optional product variant “DVB-T2” the unit will be delivered with an additional DAB+ board. With this board you can connect the antenna cable of a DAB+ Radio receiver (F-connector). This board works then as some kind of an antenna and amplifies the received DAB+ signals before forwarding it to the DAB+ receiver. The DAB+ board has no integrated splitter for DAB+. The DAB+ signals will not be received by the top of the mast VHF antenna and not be forwarded to the easyTRX3.




Brochure easyTRX3
Manual easyTRX3