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    AIS Transceiver | Class B (CSTDMA)



This ClassB unit from Weatherdock „TRX2S“ receives AIS ClassA and ClassB signals and will transmits its own data according to ClassB standards. All the easyTRX2S series have a huge variety of applications: For example it can can be connect to a Computer or a laptop via the USB port. Depending oft he software, you are able to choose the transmission speed between 38400 or 4800 Baud data rate. 8 LED’s will indicate the function activity.  The easyTRX2S is able to interpret incoming AIS data for CPA alert or AIS S.A.R.T. Emergency messages. The TRX2S devices can be used as power source for external alerting devices. The AIS datas received and transmitted can be stored in and internal SD Card recorder. With the build-in multiplexer input, 3 devices with different baud rate can be plugged to the easyTRX2S units. The external cable gives the possibility to choose between “silent mode” or “PAN PAN emergency call”.

What is necessary to run the easyTRX2S?

This ClassB Transciver needs a separate GPS antenna and VHF antenna (seperate antenne). Or using the EASY SPLIT OCB unit, an existing (VHF) antenna can be used. But a separate GPS antenna is always still needed. An other option is the installation of an VHF/GPS combi antenna.

easyTRX2S and gadgets that work together

Minimum reqirement to your computer is WIN XP SP2 and a screen resolution of 1024*768. A plotter or PC software have to be AIS compatible in order to display incoming AIS data on the screen. You need a MMSI number to broadcast data. 


  • USB port for more connectivity
  • Choice of 38400 or 4800 Baud rate via software
  • 8 operating LEDs Indicators
  • SD Card recorder (blackbox)
  • Enlarged voltage input
  • Integrated multiplexer
  • Separate cable harness for “silent mode” or “PAN PAN” persistent Signal
  • Plotter independent CPA alert
  • Plotter independent AIS S.A.R.T. alert




Brochure easyTRX2S
Manual easyTRX2S