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    Boat monitoring in real time by App

ME SENSE – Boat monitoring in real time by App on your smartphone

Keep always the perfect overview of all relevant data of your boat via a mobile device! To know the condittions of your vessel while beeing absent is important for the safety of your boat.

With different sensors placed to their respective task, determine current parameters transmitted via Bluetooth connection to the base Sense Relay unit. The Me Sense Relay unit is transmitting the collected data in real time via the Marinas WIFI or via the WEATHERDOCK GATE LTE (when no WIFI is available) to your mobile device. Data message is received as a „push message“ a SMS and an acoustic signal. All measured datas are also recorded in the cloud for later obligation to provide evidence in an event of insurance claim. The use of universal and modern LoT technologies ensure that ME SENSE products are „future-proof“. The modular use of the sensors allows the system tob e extended on board at any time.


  • All boat data at glance via app on smartphone or tablet
  • Various internal and external sensors:
    • Battery monitoring (voltage)
    • Temperature
    • Bilgewater level
    • Shock/ Accelaration of boat
    • Ambient air pressure
    • Ambient relative humidity
    • Door sensor
  • WIFI functionality with WLAN network of Marina
  • Or generate your own network by using LTE SIM card on ME SENSE GATE LTE
  • Easy handling




Brochure ME SENSE
ME SENSE Powerpoint Presentation