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    A167 easyAIRDROP

    VHF rescue locator unit A167.

easyAIRDROP Rechargeable

The easyAIRDROP Rechargeable contains the VHF locator unit easyPOSALERT to support rescue teams, such as SAR airplanes or SAR helicopters.

Packed in a waterprotected box, the easyAIRDROP with the built in VHF locator is ready to go for any situation. Just open the box, get the easyAIRDROP and throw it out. An automatic triggering function activates the internal VHF locator unit when it is submerged into the water.Being activated once, the unit transmits a current VHF emergency telegram to all VHF receivers within range. Position is updated every minute with COG, SOG and identification number of the unit.


The air deployable housing is made of 2 fl oatable plastic parts and is kept together with 2 straps. A soluble tablet will fi x the straps until the whole unit is submerged into water. The VHF rescue locator unit easyPOSALERT is mounted inside the housing.By dissolving the tablet, the housing is opened, and the unit starts transmission by water activation. A weight at the bottom will keep the easyAIRDROP in upright position for best possible radiation. With the long antenna radio range will be 9 to 12 nm to a vessel. SAR airplanes or helicopters will receive the signal in a distance of up to 80 nm by 500 feet fl ight level.

What is neseccary to run the easyAIRDROP Rechagreable?

The easyAIRDROP with the internal VHF rescue locator unit is ready: „grab and go“. To receive the transmitted signal, an AIS capable chartplotter or PC software is required to display the rescue relevant data.

Technical Datas

  • Radiated RF power, approx. 0,5 W
  • Dimensions of easyAIRDROP housing Height: 13 cm, Width: 20 cm
  • Operating conditions: -20°C – +65°C
  • Battery lifespan: 5 years
  • After rescue usage the whole package has to be re-fi tted together again and recharged for further usage.
  • Weight approx. 750 gr.