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    Be saved immediately!

    The best AIS MOB ever!

    easyONE is suitable for all automatic lifejackets.


If you can’t be seen, you can’t be saved!

The easyONE is an emergency transmitter constructed for sea rescue. With its slim design, compact shape and minimum weight of 120 grams, the easyONE is perfectly suited for use in an automatic life jacket. When the emergency transmitter is automatically activated upon water contact, it issues an AIS security alert that can be received by all AIS systems (class A and class B). The transmitters are equipped with an integrated, precise and fast latest generation GPS function. The ”live” position of the person in distress is visualized via the AIS at a PC or on a plotter. An immediate rescue operation can thus be initiated by all ships in the surrounding area (recreational craft, commercial vessels, official vessels, SAR, etc.) with an AIS on board, which can increase your chances of survival enormously and can make the difference in saving a life at sea.

The main difference between this device and the AIS MOB easyONE-M, which is identical in construction, lies in the activation function in an emergency. The AIS MOB easyONE-M only triggers the AIS security alert manually. The device has been developed for all water sports in which you can get wet without an emergency situation. However, if an extreme case occurs, the device can be used immediately.

General technical specifications

  • Full AIS MOB emergency transmission
  • AIS receiver in range of person in distress receives current GPS position, COG and SOG
  • Automatic activation by water contact
  • Over 1 Watt radiated transition power
  • Minimum 36 hours battery capacity after activation
  • Powerful LED strobe
  • Floatable without buoyancy support
  • No fees or registration, no license required
  • Smallest design, fits in any automatic Life Jacket
  • Dimensions: 68 x 48 x 27 mm/ weight only 150 Gr
  • Battery: 6V/ 2 Lithium cells, CR 17345
  • Guarantied lifetime of battery: 5 Years
  • Transmission power: 1 Watt/ Frequency 161,975 & 162,025 Mhz
  • GPS receiver with integrated antenna pursuant to IEC 61108-1
  • 2 LED displays: “GPS status” and “flash”
  • 2 control bottoms: TEST & ON
  • AIS messages supported in mode 01: +AIS position report +device ID number + COG + SOG; In mode 14: + Safety message + device ID number + MOB active + MOB test
  • Operation temperature: - 20°C - + 55°C
  • Storage Temp.: - 40°C - + 70°C
  • CE certified/ approved and certified by Industry Canada




easyONE fitting triggering



Brochure easyONE DSC