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    No place is too small for a Klepper Kayak!

About KLEPPER Finest handcrafted Folding Kayaks of the world

A Klepper folding Kayak can easily be taken apart, needs very little space and assembled in a very short time. It’s a sport Kayak, a family boat and an expedition expedition Kayak.

Klepper folding kayaks are built in Germany since 1907 when Johann Klepper, a tailor from Rosenheim began the first professional production of folding Kayaks. With his idea and many years of precise research and development he made the name KLEPPER well known over the world. KLEPPER quality means manual labor and selected raw materials. Since 1907 people travel with KLEPPER folding kayaks.

Take it out of the trunk of your car, assemble it, and take off. In about 15 minutes without tools you create a craft which is suitable in all waters. It has a life of many decades and is easy and safe to paddle. Klepper folding Kayaks are unsinkable because of the integrated air tubes on both sides of the kayak. It is very stable and has a very high carrying capacity. The Kayak is also designed to use it as a sailing boat. Different sails are available.

Put it in your backpack!

The advantage of a KLEPPER folding kayak is obvious; it can be transported in a small car, by train or plain or even carried in a rucksack. It needs very little storage space at home. In only 15 minutes it is assembled and ready for adventure, a safe and valuable kayak.

The entire Kayak consists of basically the hull and the frame. The hull topside is made of waterproofed cotton (breathable) and very durable TPU/ Hypalon material is used for the bottom side. The frame is made of laminated birch and ash and the individual pieces are then joined by way of patented fasteners. All fasteners are made of anodized aluminum.

Klepper folding kayaks are ISO 6185-1 tested and certified.

"The Klepper is the Mercedes Benz of folding boats."

Randel Washburne, The Coastal Kayaker