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    No place is too small for a Klepper Kayak!

Aerius Expedition II+ 545 KLEPPER Folding Kayak - double -

Weight 36 kg, length 545 cm, width 87 cm, payload 380 kg or volume of 600 liters. Now minimized pack size. Frame bag size only 110 cm.

Components: Blond wood (29 kg), black TPU hull. Deck colours: Blue, red, olive, black or bicolour with black stripes. 1 Keel stripe standard. Front and rear loading hatch available.

The Aerius 545 Expedition is fast and stable even in rough seas. The wide and open cockpit provides lots of space for both paddlers and gear. It is versatile, can easily be paddled by one person and offers enough room for a dog or to add a third seat for a child. In this case, the rudder pedal can be installed for the front paddler. Sails, spray cover, rudder, adjustable comfort seats are optional.


  • Lengths/width: 545 x 87 cm
  • Weight: 36 Kg
  • Packaging dimensions: 133 x 35 x 25/ 75 x 70 x 25/ 80 x 40 x 22 cm
  • Adjustable seats, carry bag, life line included
  • Assembly time aprox. 12 min.
  • Payload weight: 380 Kg/ 600 Ltr.

All products made by Klepper Faltbootwerft AG in Rosenheim (Germany) are furnished with an identification number and thus are covered under our worldwide guaranty.



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