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Kayak MEGA

The „MEGA“ inflatable multi-task touring kayak combines unique characteristics:

  • 100 % inflatable boat, super easy to assemble and extreme small package volume
  • Needs very little space for transportation and storage
  • Can be used as a one, or two seater
  • Very comfortable and unbeatable stable. Lots of space for luggage and crew
  • Extreme safe and simple to use. Assembly time only 10 minutes…
  • Open cockpit for easy boarding and disembarking, safe and comfortable
  • Many applications: small and large river paddling, exploring lakes and sea, white water, use of electric engine….
  • Air pressure 0,3 bar! That pressure guarantees a very stable and hard hull
  • High quality raw materials: Air chambers outside EPDM layer, Inside air tight natural rubber, pressure heated vulcanization processed, high operation pressure, multi chamber system
  • Renewable primary product, humane production, 100% recyclable, NO PVC, NO chlorine, NO plasticizer, easy to repair

Technical Data:

  • Length/ width: 500 x 90 cm
  • Inside length/ width: 265 x 50 cm
  • Tube diameter: 20 cm
  • Weight: 23 Kg
  • Min Package size: 65 x 45 x 30
  • Persons: 2 adult
  • Working load: 280 Kg
  • Air chambers: 5
  • Assembly time: 12 min.
  • Storage space bow/ stern: 30/ 30 ltr.
  • Motor. Max 3 Hp
  • WW Category: 2
  • ISO standard: 6185cat III/D
  • Color: red/ black

100 % Made in Germany/ Austria



Grabner Kayak MEGA


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